Steel Ceramic Blow Bars

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Conveyall Industrial Supply, Inc. offers a wide range of Steel Ceramic Blow Bars. We can provide a variety of impact crusher wear parts and are at the forefront of alloy/ceramic wear technology.

Our sales representatives have experience with all types of impact crushers. They can assist you with appropriate replacement parts, unique parts for your application or provide advice on how to optimize your configuration for better performance.

Call us today put our team to work for your operation and start adding to your bottom line.

Spokane Industries

SpokanelogoSPOKANE INDUSTRIES is the industry leader in high quality, high chrome wear parts also features a full line of Ultra Wear-Resistant parts for HSI and VSI Impact Crushers manufactured using Si-Tec®, our patented Ceramic Composite Technology. Si-Tec® Ultra Wear-Resistant parts provide twice the wear life of standard parts in most applications. That translates into higher aggregate production, fewer part change outs, and lower production costs.

With OEM Part #’s 62C375, 62D164, and 62D226

Also available in: Low, medium, high chrome, and chrome ceramic

Built for: Eagle Crusher

  • Eagle UM15/1000

  • Eagle UM25/1200

  • Eagle UM45/1400

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