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There is more to a conveyor than just the belting. Conveyall knows how to meet the needs of your business. Our sales team can help you create the conveyor your company needs. Suppliers such as Titan Conveyors Inc. E2, Omni, and Prab Inc. offer a wide range of products that will improve your conveyors ROI. Whether your business is an aggregate company or a nacho chip factory we can help. We can design and supply technology that makes and maintain your conveyor systems so that they are more efficient, safer and modern. Conveyall Industrial Supply Inc specializes in creating and assembling the conveyor system your company wants with the speed and efficiency your company needs.

If maintenance and improvements to your existing conveyors is all you need we can help. Belt cleaners, speed control units, belt alignment units, misalignment detectors, conveyor accessories, switches, alarms, de-icing agents and sealing systems are just a few of the products your company may need. Contact us for a quote.

sensortechnik optical belt scale


Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scale is a contact free volumetric scanner. Using the latest laser technology, Sensortechnik effectively scans the material crossing the belt with a measurement accuracy of 1mm variance. Whether your conveyor is stationary or on tracked equipment, you can rely on the precise production data unaffected by external conditions. Beyond its practical measurement application, Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scale is truly an operations management tool.

portable conveyors by E2

Mobility is an important factor for our construction customers. E2 Systems has designed a Portable modular conveyor that is a quick easy and dependable way to place concrete in front of a slop form paving machine, transferring topsoil or backfilling sewer trenches. It is designed to attach to any front end wheel loader with a 2.5 cubic yard capacity or larger, that is equipped to accept attachments.
The conveyor has an established record of placing 300 cubic yards of concrete per hour using dump trucks hauling 11 cubic yards per load. It has the ability to load onto a standard lowboy trailer with its width of no wider than 8.5’ and its length 21’. This allows for non-permit load transportation. When it is attached to the loader the belt can be folded to travel in traffic at a 10’ width.

titan industries inc.

Titan is the fastest growing name in conveyors. They have been building custom conveyor systems for a large range of applications. Conveyall’s customers can purchase a wide range of pre-engineered and custom engineered conveyors. Titan manufacturers: Roller conveyors • Steal belt conveyors • Recycling systems • Packaging conveyor systems • Seat, wheel, and tire handling lines for automotive manufacturing assembly lines • Food handling • Replacement parts • Accessories • Systems that can handle 2,000 degree red-hot forgings and 600 degree parts from casting operations Packaging totes in warehouse and distribution. Contact Conveyall Industrial Supply and we will help design, upgrade or maintain the conveyor your business needs.

omni metalcraft
Conveyall Industrial Supply Inc. works with leading manufactures to bring the conveyors needed to maximize your production. An additional supplier we carry is OMNI Metalcraft Corporation. We work with them to quote your application, engineer, and manufacture the system that will meet your company’s specific needs. We are committed to providing service that continues long after the equipment has shipped.

  • Chain Driven Conveyors
  • Vertical Conveyors
  • Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyors
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Slat Conveyors
  • Vertical Conveyors
  • Lineshaft Conveyors
  • Modular Table Top Conveyors
  • Metal Belt Conveyors
  • Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors
  • Scissor Lift Conveyors
  • Gravity Conveyors
  • Replacement Parts and Rollers
  • Transfer Conveyors

Learn the best way to measure rollers for accurate replacement. OMNI’s training video helps customers get it right the first time.

prab inc.

Conveyall Industrial Supply Inc., works with PRAB to offer one of the most extensive lines of conveyors and material handling equipment to meet your company’s needs. Our sales team takes PRAB’s innovative conveyor systems and designs to continuously improve material handling, housekeeping and compliance to environmental rules and regulations within the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, defense, off road and energy markets.

Conveyall Industrial Supply Inc., can design and engineer a large variety of conveyor systems to meet your needs. PRAB manufactures a large variety of conveyor systems that we can engineer to your company requirements.

The Stamping Scrap Conveyor is a fully automated conveyor with a positive discharge that give you a cleaner operation. Its leak proof construction retains 100% of your cutting fluids as it transfers the scrap to its destination.

The Oscillator Conveyors are a vibratory conveyor that works well for transferring hot, dry or wet abrasive metal scrap or finished parts across horizontal distances

The Pivot Belt Conveyor is a conveyor with Rigidized™ belt surface that prevents scrap from sticking to the belt. It has an exclusive-design with pivoting hinges that will flip scrap into your hopper.

The Stamping Scrap Conveyor is a fully automated conveyor with a positive discharge that give you a cleaner operation. Its leak proof construction retains 100% of your cutting fluids as it transfers the scrap to its destination.

The Magnetic Conveyor is a conveyor that positively transfers wet or dry ferrous chips, stamping slugs, turnings or parts without carryover. Permanent ceramic magnets are located under the stainless steel slider bed which moves the material.

The Harpoon Conveyor is a conveyor that transfers all types of metal chips, fines and turnings, wet or dry bushy wads and tramp metal solids with time and energy saving efficiency. Its liquid-tight trough construction is ideal for high-volume coolant flow applications.

The Drag Conveyors are designed with every rugged part of this unit designed for severe duty. The conveyor will elevate your most difficult, most abrasive wet or dry materials.

The Screw Conveyor is a versatile conveyor well suited for distribution or elevating applications.

The Shuttle Conveyor is a transversing bidirectional steel belt conveyor designed for final load-out or stamping scrap into large trailers or railcars.

The Pneumatic Conveyors are designed to offer operation and installation flexibility. Each system is designed to pick up directly from CNC Machining centers and transfer wet or dry material to central chip processing systems or load out containers.

The Quench Conveyors are liquid-tight conveyor for your die cast, heat transfer, parts cooling or coating operation.

The Casting Coolers eliminate the misting and air quality issues associated with water quench conveyors.

The Furnace Feeders are conveyor systems that feed abrasive die casting metal scrap directly to your melting furnace. The standard design incorporates oscillating steel trough plus heat shields and stainless steel discharge chutes extended into melt area.

The Tubular Drag Conveyors designed by PRAB use a simple chain and flight design to move wet metal chips from the production floor to chip processing or load-out areas.

Contact Conveyall’s sales team for help in designing and implementing
your next conveyor system.

arch environmental equipment inc.

  • Belt scales
  • Pull cord swatches
  • Pre-start alarms
  • Conveyor management systems
  • Metal detectors, speed monitoring
  • Rip and tear detectors
  • Belt cleaning systems
  • Sealing systems
  • Belt alignment devices
  • Belt support and impact systems
  • Chute liners
  • Access doors