Greenergy Lighting

Conveyall Industrial Supply, Inc. and Greenergy Lighting will help your company go green. Energy management is achieved with LED technology. Our energy efficient lights and systems will provide energy savings up to 75%. Each light has a long life span up to 50,000 hours. No flickering no RF hum and low THD. Lights can be used in existing fixtures. No poisonous gas is produced and no disposal restrictions to follow like other low energy bulbs.

Our LED cordless rechargable work lights are a favorite with many of our customers.

Work lights

  • 32 LED light $46.95
  • 62 LED light $58.95
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • FREE Magnetic holder
  • White LED's for bright non-glare light
  • Long life LED's last over 80,000 hours in use
  • Shatter proof housing and light shield
  • Slim design fits into tight areas
  • Supplied with 120v AC charger
  • Last 3 hours on a single charge
  • Foldable swivel hook
  • 62 LED light comes with 12v adapter also

Conveyall Industrial Supply, Inc. works with Greenergy to offer a large selection of other LED applications. We offer a large variety of Parabolic Lamps, Screw in Lamps, Floods, Grids and Down Lighting. Send us your lighting requirements and we will quote you the best options.

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Refrigeration & Freezer LED Lighting Retrofit Conversion Systems

Refrigerator Retro Fit Cert Listings LED Green Logo LED Green Logo LED Green Logo LED Green Logo LED Green Logo

Cut your energy costs by 50-70% with these easy to install retrofit kits. Each kit includes all the mounting and wiring hardware. They easily mount in place of existing florescent tube fixtures. They include the plug and play wire harnesses. They are available in warm and cool color temperatures of 3000 k, 4000 k (standard), and 5000 k. Available in 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, and 6’ lengths.

They have a long lamp life that exceeds 10 years when used 12 hours a day (50,000 hours) with no warm-up time, instant-on and full light output with a stable color unlike the flickering common with some old fashioned florescent tube lights. The kits can be used for reach-in coolers/freezers, industrial coolers/freezers, walk in coolers/freezers, medical freezers, walk in boxes, wash down areas, meat cases, deli cases, dairy cases, non-refrigerated cases, under shelf lighting, damp location lighting, ice cream dipping boxes, and beverage coolers. Contact Conveyall Industrial Supply and Greenergy with your lighting needs today.

Company Product Lines

Certs Product Line #2 Product Line #4 Product Line #10 Product Line #14 Product In Use 1 Product In Use 2 Rope Light

High Powered Lamp Replacements

Certs LED Green Logo Chart

Courtyard Lighting

Courtyard Light Courtyard Light Courtyard Light Courtyard Light Courtyard Light

Street Lighting

Street Lighting Certs Street Lighting Street Lighting Street Lighting Street Lighting Street Lighting Street Lighting

Tube Lighting

Tube Lighting Certs Tube Lighting Tube Lighting Tube Lighting Tube Lighting

Street Warehouse Outdoor Lighting

ARRA Guideline Compliant Street Lighting

Street Warehouse Outdoor Lighting Street Warehouse Outdoor Lighting Street Warehouse Outdoor Lighting Street Warehouse Outdoor Lighting

Apollo Street light system

Street Warehouse Outdoor Lighting Street Warehouse Outdoor Lighting Street Warehouse Outdoor Lighting Street Warehouse Outdoor Lighting

The LED GREEN high powered corn lamp is intended to replace an 80 to 250 watt high pressure sodium, metal halide, compact fluorescent or high wattage incandescent lamp. It is utilized in garages, high bay areas or wherever a high powered light source is required. The lamp is designed to run on line voltage 90-300 Volts AC. All ballast in the fixture must be circumvented or removed. Our high powered corn lamps use our new aluminum finned technology for extended life and top quality cooling technology.

Refrigeration & Freezer LED Lighting

Street, Warehouse & Outdoor Lighting

LED Retrofit Tubes

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Conveyall Corner

Major Wire
new generation X5 v-belts

new generation X5 v-belts – energy eFFicient belts to save your money

Bestorq X5 belts bring in a new generation of V-Belt performance. They are specially designed to use only 40% as much energy to bend around your machine’s pulleys, and are proven to outlast the competetion. Saving energy and keeping your machines running at full capacity means you save time and money.



new LIGHtnInG v-belts

new bestorq LIGHtnInG® – V-Belts for the most severe Lawn & Garden applications

Bestorq LIGHTNING V-belts are created with an outer rubber impregnated fabric cover that is extremely tough, wear resistant and crack resistant. The lowered coe cient outer cover shows extreme resistance to belt turnover or roll- excellent for misaligned drives and if belt is used as a clutch.



Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scales -
Now Available from Conveyall
See the Optical Belt Scale in Action!

See the Optical Belt Scale in Action!

Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scale is the industry leading volumetric scanning technology, originating from Austria, where it has been the proven choice in Europe for over 15 years. With dealers all over the globe, Optical Belt Scale is revolutionizing the way material measurement is handled, from aggregates to waste & recycling, or stationary conveyors to tracked equipment. Featuring the accuracy, the longevity and data rich results which put you in control of your operations.

25.000+ Flex-Mat 3 Applications

Since it was introduced, Major Wires revolutionary Flex-Mat® High Performance, Self-Cleaning Screen Media has been proven in more than 25,000 applications across the world to increase production 20%, 30%, and even 40%.

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