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pulleys and idlers

Conveyall Industrial Supply Inc., sells most well-known brands of industrial pulleys and idlers for conveyor systems. Our sales team can determine the Pulleys and Idlers required to work with any manufacturing need, from Hard Rock, Aggregate, Cement, Grain, Power, Package/Unit Handling, Coal, Mining, Printing, and from Contract Manufacturing.

The aggregate industry would include crushed rock, sand, gravel, or crushed concrete for use in construction. This is one of our largest market and the size of these operations varies greatly as does the type of products needed by each. Conveyall works with its vendors to supply the parts needed for this industry.

Conveyall also supplies idlers and pulleys for The Hard Rock industry. They consists of mining operations that haul out mineral deposits such as iron ore, silver, nickel, copper, gold, lead, and zinc just to name a few. These are usually very high production operations where large quantities of material are being processed. The minerals may be extracted by surface mining or underground mining depending on the size and depth of the deposit.

Customer in the parcel, warehousing and airport baggage handling industries continue to be one of our major customer base. They most often use pulleys 2” to 10” in diameter and can be manufactured with a wide range of material thicknesses, tolerances and specifications to meet our customers’ needs.

These are just a few of the products we sell:

  • Troughing and return idlers for CEMA B, C, D, E, and F applications.
  • Equal Troughing Idlers
  • Unequal Troughing Idlers
  • Live Shaft Idlers with Pillow Block Bearings
  • Tri-Return Idler
  • Self-Aligning Rubber Disc Return Idlers
  • DCB Rollers
  • Drum Pulleys
  • Lagged Pulleys
  • Take up Frames and covers
  • Wing Pulleys
  • Impact Bar Assemblies
  • Flexible Tack-Lag Pads
  • Tail Pulley Repair Kit
  • Turned & Polished Shafting Redi-Keyed
  • Belt Scales
  • Impact Roller Beds
  • Slide Seals
  • Wyatt Alignment Disks
  • Single Disc Pulley
  • Motorized Pulley
  • Package Handling Conveyor Pulleys
  • Wing Style Conveyor Pulleys
  • Skirtboard Rubber
  • Load Bearing Roller Assemblies



Herringbone Wing Conveyor Pulley PPI LogoPPI’s Herringbone wing pulley was designed for those applications where conventional wings suffer from excessive material lodging and wing folding. The extreme wing angles of up to 45°, use the pulleys rotation to eject material out the sides of the pulley rather than recirculating it as a conventional wing often does. These extreme angles and optimized wing height along with a center reinforcement disc all combine to make an incredibly strong design that excels where others fail.

Pulley Assemblies are available for maximum efficiency and added value. PPI and Conveyall work together to provide a single source for conveyor pulley assemblies. Everything from pulley lagging, shafting, bearings and take-up frames to complete the pulley package. Couplings, backstops and other components can also be mounted when required.

The Spiral Drum Pulley is formed by a pair of vertical steel bars helically wound around a Heavy Duty Drum Pulley. This unique design reduces buildup between the belt and the pulley while providing continuous belt contact for applications where wing pulleys cannot be used. Rotation of the pulley automatically starts the cleaning action, discharging foreign material to the side of the conveyor. Available in crown or straight face and also with various hub and bushing systems.

Quarry Max Wing Pulleys is designed for demanding wing pulley applications. QMW pulleys feature self-cleaning action that reduces excessive material buildup. To optimize wing height, larger diameter QMW Pulleys utilize a Mine Duty end disc for added strength and wing stability. Standard contact bar is 3/4″ x 2″, which accommodates our XHD Faslag. Available with various hub and bushing systems.

belt scales

ArchWeigh® SC scalesAccurately measure only material on the belt and eliminate the force of the moving belt from the equation. Achieve long term repeatability without recalibration. The unique dual load cell design allows for a positive/negative response to account for normal conveyor variance.

Archweigh® HP scales have been designed to account for outside forces that affect every conveyor. It utilizes patented dual-ended load cells which mount directly to the idler. This increases accuracy up to =/- ½% every day without recalibration. The dual load cells work opposite each other to neutralize the natural lateral and vertical movements of your conveyor belt. As one end is pushed down by a force the other is naturally lifted by the same force and any movement is cancelled out.

motorized pulleys

Rulmeca Corporation’s Motorized Pulleys not only offer the advantage of compactness by combining the motor and the pulleys in one unit, they also reduce maintenance requirements, increase conveyor system reliability and improve personal safety.

  • Available in sizes from 5.5” to 40” in diameter.
  • The pulleys drive horizontal, inclined, reversing, articulating, and high-duty cycle conveyors in any belt width.
  • They work well with variable frequency drives.
  • Simple to mount, even in challenging locations such as tail drives, dual drives, and center nest drives.

Rubberized Tack-on Tail Pulley Repair Kit

Colorado Wire Cloth has created a Rubberized Tack-on Tail Pulley repair kit to rebuild your worn out standard pulleys to a heavy duty pulley at less than ½ the cost of a new one. It lasts three times longer and offers replaceable lagging. This option also strengthens the wings and cuts your tail pulley costs. To order just give us the length of the wings and the number of wings on your pulley.

flexible tack-lag pads

Extend the life of your pulleys with the Herren Ruberized Tack-on Tail Pulley Repair Kit. At half the cost of a new pulley you can rebuild your worn out standard pulleys and it will last three times longer. All you have to do is grind off the old ones and tack weld the new rubber strips onto the wing. All we need to order is the length of the wings and number of wings on your pulley.


  • Tack Lagging benefits are improved traction, Self cleaning, and it is an economical way to repair cylinders and pulleys
  • One size pad fits all pulleys.
  • Field cuts to any pulley length.
  • Pads can be fitted to pulleys with crowns by just splitting the pads in the middle.
  • Tack-Lag pad can be easily spot welded to you pulley. Just tack along the edge.Just spot weld pads 3/4″ apart for the perfect fit.
  • Repairs can be made at your site and at your conveince.
PPI offers a similar option. Their EZ-Lag product reduces inventory by eliminating stocking various sizes. Easily replace the lagging pads at the job site. They are interchangeable with PPI Craft Lag® and Hotz Lagging.

Available options are:

  • EZ-500 – 60 durometer – SBR
  • EZ-501 – 60 durometer – SOF

99.8% Accurate Optical Belt Scale!

track tph in real time!

Have you spent too much time guessing if your measure of production is precise? Would you consider a 99.8% accurate calculation of how much product you are actually producing?

Ask us about the Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scale. It is a contact free volumetric scanner. Using the latest laser technology, it effectively scans the material crossing the belt with a measurement accuracy of 1mm variance.  

Whether your conveyor is stationary or on tracked equipment, you can rely on the precise production data unaffected by external conditions including water. Beyond its practical measurement application, Sensortechnik is truly a management tool.

Yes, 99.8% accurate. One of our clients in southeast Michigan is already saving hundreds of dollars per day!

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